Frequently asked questions

Which is the best area to have a ballon flight?

The feeling of ballooning is equally exciting in any area. The experience of floating in the sky and being carried away by the wind is very pleasant wherever you are, but certainly between the flight areas we have in Spain, one of the most spectacular is Guadix. For its orography and landscapes of great beauty is the flight area that we recommend as the most spectacular.

Can we drive the balloon?

A balloon can be steered relatively. The pilot controls the height of the fly at all times. Direction and speed depends directly on the wind. Which means the pilot will go up and down looking for different air currents to direct the balloon to where it suits him best. When flying in a balloon we depend on the weather conditions, therefore we have to be able to move in the directions in which we find air currents. When we fly in a balloon, we are part of the wind and move with it.

Which clothes should I wear to fly in a balloon?

To fly in a balloon, you should wear comfortable and appropriate clothing to the season – as if you were going for a walk in the countryside. Actually the coldest moment (winter season) is at the takeoff. During the flight the temperature will increase.

Are there any restrictions to be able to fly in a balloon?

There is no restriction to fly in a balloon. Both old people and very young children can fly. Bearing in mind that the passengers must be standing during the whole flight (approximately 1 hour), supported by the handrail. Some balloons are adapted for people who need to be sit.

What is the best time to fly in a balloon?

The best time to fly in a balloon from our point of view, without a doubt, is winter. The landscapes are very beautiful and the conditions are better for flights, when the weather is not too bad. Spring and autumn, are also very nice moments to enjoy the landscape. During the summer the conditions are more stable, but it is also the warmest time.

Is it scary to fly in a balloon?

Many people with vertigo do not usually feel it anymore when they fly in a balloon. The reason could be that the balloon moves very slowly and that does not have sudden movements. The feeling of floating might give you a sensation of security. 

Why do we have to fly so early in a balloon?

At dawn we find the most stable conditions at atmospheric level. The wind usually moves horizontal currents and there are no vertical rises caused by the sun's heat. (Which are a factor of instability for balloon flight). The balloon has its own support with its burners, heating the air inside the candle. Therefore conditions are optimal in the morning, in the first hours before the heat causes this violent movement of the air.

How many people can fit in a balloon?

There are several sizes of balloons. From the smallest ones that can carry just one person, to the "giants passenger flights" that can fit up to thirty people. The number of people a balloon can carry depends on the size of the sail and also the number of burners. Everything is in proportion, the largest and the most people can wear.

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